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Landscape Design and Maintenance for Wyndmoor Residence

Wyndmoor, PA

As we all know, the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic touched everyones lives. Yet, with more time available, many people looked to enhance their homes and better explore their passions for gardening and other home-enhancing activities. This Flower Powered client was no different. Initially, we were contacted by the homeowner to perform some spring clean up. As we started talking with her, we found that she was unhappy with the previous landscape designer who installed some shrubs in her two front yard gardens.

The landscaping company, hastily installed the plants without amending the soil or determining the proper plants for the shade and sunny areas. Many were dead or not doing well. In addition, the property was an end condominium, adjacent to the old Stotesbury Estate, where an expansive field attracted many plant-eating Deer.

She asked if we could help her redevelop the front and side foundation garden and another kidney-shaped garden that curved along the front pathway. The current gardens had basic plant species. The kind you would see in a new home. But the client wanted us to add more beauty, and visual interest to the garden. The only caveat... low maintenance plant varieties had to be had to be Deer resistant.

After our landscape designer presented ideas, we proceeded to prepare the garden with organic soil amendments and develop a plant, tree and shrub list based on her preference and garden conditions. In particular, we wanted to enhance and frame the beautiful background setting, which included architectural remnants of the old Whitemarsh Hall outside of Philadelphia, PA.

Philadelphia Landscape Designer
After, the new garden was alive with visual interest, framed by remnants of the old Stotesbury estate in the background.

For the foundation garden, we saw the need to add an element of height. So we chose a beautiful weeping cherry tree and installed an arbor with climbing roses. New shrubs, along the foundation were paired with height-staggered Perennials that would bloom throughout the seasons.

For the kidney-shaped garden, we added a weeping Redbud, at one end, to counterbalance a mature tree at the opposite end. New shrubs were installed along the center ridge, and low profile border Perennials along the outer edges.

"In particular, we wanted to enhance and frame the beautiful background setting, which included architectural remnants of the old Whitemarsh Hall."

The result was a cohesive and interesting suburban garden design with beauty and visual interest all along the sweeping brick path leading to the side door. The client was ecstatic with the results and loves coming home after her morning walks to sip her coffee and soak in the beauty of her new garden.

Have a look at the before and after photos and give us a call if you need help with your garden transformation.

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