About Flower Powered Landscape Design

Landscape design. Done right.

It's time for a more reliable, personal and attentive landscaping service. It's time to digg your garden.

We design, install and maintain gardens, courtyards, and outdoor living spaces. Each unique design is built on a foundation of your needs, design aesthetics and lifestyles.

Gardens can have an impact on your overall well-being, and on the environment at large. That's why we take great care to deliver native gardens that are both beautiful and ecologically diverse.

Today, we're inspired by the challenge that each new project brings. Like the change in seasons, every garden offers the promise of transformation and progress.

Your landscaping dream team.

We're on a mission to create beautiful landscapes, gardens and ecosystems throughout the greater Philadelphia area. Flower Powered's client-centric approach ensures collaboration at every step, so you can realize your dream garden.

Since 2018, we've built lasting customer relationships throughout the greater Philadelphia area, one garden at a time. Small but mighty, we've honed our landscaping process to build beautiful, functional and well-maintained gardens. We're placescapers! Our complementary skills in landscape design, project planning and horticulture, combine to create a space you'll enjoy for many years to come. Together, we work to efficiently and purposefully manage all aspects of designing, installing and maintaining your dreamscapes.

a garden designer in philadelphia

Judy Larini

Chief Flower Officer

Having worked for local landscape contractors and garden centers, Judy brings a woman's touch and a wealth of experience in plant selection and project delivery. As a horticultural specialist, Judy develops schemes with waves of colorful plant combinations that bloom, in sequence, from early spring through late fall. And, become the foundation for your winter landscape.

a landscape designer in philadelphia

J.T. Harding

Head Landscape Designer

As a graphic design, marketing and project management professional, J.T. brings a unique ability to understand a client's vision, convey our landscaping ideas in visual garden plans and effectively manage sub-contractors. He also oversees the firm's landscape lighting offering. Mr. Harding believes that well-designed gardens and outdoor spaces should enhance the home's appeal and functionality, while integrating seamlessly with its architecture and settings.

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